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 You are a class act! You are gorgeous and talented and fun on stage. Thank you for coming to the Wayne County Fair and covering for Montgomery Gentry on less than 30 hours notice. We love you!
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Lauren. You are an amazing,beautiful, and gifted I don’t get I get campsick shirt  that always stays true to yourself. I couldn’t be more happy for you. You deserve this Lauren. You have never given up on your dreams and it will only get better. I’ll never forget the time i met you on the ACM red carpet. You took my marker and said i’m gonna borrow your pen, and you brought it back to me. I still have that marker. Love you Lauren. Congratulations dear lauren have loved and cheered for you since the day u auditioned for Idol proud of the young woman you’ve become hoping that all your hard work pays off fingers crossed and everything crossed for a win you deserve it.

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